Back To School

On August 8, 110 children walked into Our House classrooms ready to learn for the 2016-2017 school year! The week prior, teachers attended training and had the opportunity to organize and decorate their classrooms to get ready to meet their new students. A number of community partners including Maggie’s Neighborhood Bar and Grill and For the Kid in All of Us, and generous individual donors made sure that classrooms were well-stocked on all the necessary back-to-school items.

While our program operates year-round, children move up to their new age-appropriate classrooms on the first day of the new school year. More than 190 homeless children will learn and grow in our classrooms over the course of this year.

Here at Our House, “back to school” is for more than just kids: on August 8, 25 adult students also attended their first day of class in our fall Child Development Associate (CDA) job training course. For the next five months, these students will take classes and learn hands-on skills to prepare them for careers in early childhood education.

Best of luck to all our students and teachers in the new school year!